six Ways How You Can Deal With Negative People

Do you have friends who always complain about everything? Or what are the perfect drama queen who always runs from one catastrophe into the additional? Or the poor victim who always ends up in the dark corner still left alone?
C8S8E8O8D8I8V Do you have friends who also always complain about everything? Or even do you know the perfect drama queen who also always runs from one catastrophe into the other? Or the poor victim who also always ends up in the dark corner left alone?

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    1. Mark says:

      When I was young, I did not know my imaginary friend was imaginary.
      He is a vampire. I met him when I was six, and he was nine.
      He stayed nine until I turned nine. Soon after, I stopped seeing him.
      He lives in my attic.

      I miss my imagination. It was hallucinogenic. I have been wondering, could my imagination still be intact? I haven’t used it (in the make-belive way) for a very long time. I’m 18 years old.

      What do you suggest I do?

    2. Denali says:

      my biggest mistake was watching it !!! seriously !!! now whatever i see is like trash compared to it !!! and things only got even more dramatic after sejo mishill died !!! Anyways, can someone plz suggest a drama like that ? with strong female lead and good plots and smart comebacks and conversations? I have already seen dong yi (not what i am looking for , i need something epic!!!). Also, is dae mul worth watching??

    3. dealy says:

      My husband and I have relied on his parents support (mainly mental and physical) since our daughter was born over a year ago. His mother had serious problems about me when we got married but my husband told her if she wanted him in her life she would have to straighten up and atleast be civil. After two years of being married we had our little girl who has just turned one. Recently his mother has caused serious problems due to these three objections:
      1. I have my daughter in daycare because my husband and I go to school full time and had her in daycare on her first birthday. According to her this makes me a bad mother.
      2. My daughter for some reason has not transitioned well to sippy cups yet. While we have tried for the past six months to encourage her to use one she just doesn’t get it yet I suppose. She claims we are retarding my daughter which is not only hurtful but insulting to her own grandaughter. My pediatrician has assured me not to worry untill 16 months. She has said that mubdaugjter will end up a three year old in walmart drinking juice from a bottle. These litterally her own words. I ws stunned into silence.
      3. My mother in law has also said to me that while she understands I can not help acting and I quote “lower class” that she feels it’s my husbands resposibility to show me or teach me how “upper middle class” should behave. I was shocked and hurt by this coment because she herself was as my grandmother calls white trash untill she married into money, while I am not poor nor extreemly wealthy I dress well, provide everything necessary for my daughter and come from a very well background.

      My question if you have made it this far is… What should I do? I understand the relationship between grandparent and grandchild is important but it feels conflicting to have someone aroundd my child that feels the way she does about me, as my childs mother.

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