May The Bible Help Me in My Marriage?

This article deals with how the Scriptures can help us have a good relationship. There are principles of marriage which are centuries old yet still relevant today.
C8S8E8O8D8I8V This article deals with how the Bible will help us have a good relationship. There are principles of marriage that are centuries old yet still relevant today.

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    1. The Villain says:

      For instance, can a guy marry say 13 years of age girl and have sexual intercourse together with her?

      Where does bible express it?

    2. simply complicated says:

      The opposition to interracial partnerships? It’s essentially only a new minority to discriminate.

      Steve: Would you even pay attention to yourself??? Everything you stated are presumptions as well as your own opinion. Opinions don’t overrule reality.

    3. Jermaine J says:

      I’m writing a paper protecting the standard meaning of marriage. I’m using the spin that it’s not discrimination because it is a scriptural tradition. Does anybody have sources or information that may assist. Any bible? I’m not searching for personal opinions here because it is an academic paper on ideas and opinions have to be substantiated with proper research. I actually do reside in Canada in the event that helps. So I am searching for any information or sources that may assist in protecting traditional marriage particularly in how it requires social work.

    4. Peter says:

      If Christian believers desire to use the Bible to define the term “Marriage”, then why did not they will use it to define the term “Divorce”?

      Okay, five solutions from idiots. Allow me to expand around the comment.

      If Christian desire to use the Bible like a dictionary and state that the term Marriage is understood to be being between an Guy along with a Lady…

      Then why did not the Christian believers make use of the Bible like a dictionary to define the term DIVORCE? Based on the Bible, it is just permitted in the event of infidelity. However I know lots of divorced Christian believers.

      I’m getting this up because many Christian believers make use of this argument to sentence Gay Marriage. But when they will make use of the Bible within this situation… they have to utilize it in each and every situation. Including their very own Divorce.

    5. Ramblin Spirit says:

      are you aware worthwhile bible mentioning to marriage? im marriage soon and would really like some verses to review with my fiance. Thanks and God appreciate it.

    6. norrin_shadowwolf says:

      Serious answers only please. Say if two people were to legally marry for reasons other than love, such as, for the sake of argument, wealth, business, political reasons or anything like that. According to the bible, are they allowed to have sexual relations despite that they may have no feelings for each other? More so than a couple who may not be able to afford marriage but who truly love and dedicate themselves to one another? So does the bible say marriage is a technical agreement or is it a condition of the heart? I know this situation is hypothetical but would be interesting to see what others think.

    7. mr flibble says:

      First of all the point of these questions is not to ascertain whether or not you believe in God.
      Also regardless of your stand on gay weddings do not dismiss the facts presented.

      i will begin with a couple of facts.
      Whether people have a faith/religion or live their lives according to its teachings,
      When people come to get married it is done by a religious teacher. that has the legal and or spiritual authority to perform it.

      Many countries foundations are built upon the teachings of God or whatever people believe to be God.
      Including those that have fallen and no longer exist.

      The countries that support and legalized gay marriages will pressure and or force religious organizations to perform gay marriages

      The questions below are linked to the title.

      So do the religious teachers that perform these gay weddings simply pander to public opinion?
      Because God or whatever people believe to be God has nothing to do with that gay wedding

      To assume otherwise is to assume that God or whatever people believe to be God is subject to the laws and rules of the Kingdoms of men and mortals.

      Some may have heard people say the following statement in quotation marks “I cant believe in a kind of God that……” and then they mention their grievances and disagreements.

      Leading to a situation where a couple believing their union to be real could suffer the legal/spiritual consequences and fallout of having a fake wedding.
      I must admit I am fascinated by the responses so far.
      Old man from scene 24. Your mention of the separation of the state from the church is historical facts.
      However can be addressed by the 3rd sentence up from the bottom.

      from the other answers what I gathered (correct me if am wrong) a that part of the issue may be “Who recognizes the couple as married”
      Since laws, views and opinions on marriage differ greatly among nations, clans and people its impossible to cover everything.

      But I would say that there could be times when a couple may be ‘acknowledged’ as married but not actually be married.

      For example a couple could live their lives thinking they are married but due to mistakes made during the ceremony or on the certificates/documents discover they aren’t.
      Only love no hate.
      Your rants make no sense and it seems you have missed most of the points raised in this question.
      Just use it as a way of venting your own prejudices towards a faith/religion.

      First of all you need to know that not everyone that is exposed to a religious teaching will understand it. So your regurgitation of some of it does not prove any point besides your own misunderstanding.

      The lives of married people was never a part of this question.

      Fact I did not mention any faith/religion in my question. So your opinion on the “real christian” or people of other faiths/religions is irrelevant to the facts of how they are.
      Just because their way of life differs to yours does not mean they are “fake” just your view/treatment of those that don’t fit your “ideal image”.

      I did not say a religion rules your country (assuming you are from the U.S.A)
      But the FOUNDATIONS of many nations are built upon the teachings of God or whatever one believes
      Regardless of desires. Governments of nations that legalized gay weddings do pressure or force religuous organizations to perform gay weddings.

      Though reasons could be tough to explain. My best guess would be that it is not a moral issue but a legal one. Simply put Obedience to the Laws of the Land.

      With your points on some religious organizations refusing to perform Interracial and Interfaith marriages.

      That comes down to the “Laws and Rules of the Kingdoms of men and mortals”.
      Which may not be relevant to the teachings of God or whatever people believe to be God.

      To address the final paragraph of your answer.
      The reason why my question is so broad. the 2nd paragraph from the top and 4th from the bottom.

      marriage rites, traditions and ceremonies differ immensely.
      but regardless of differing views. Marriage is not just a Legal affair but a Spiritual one as well.

      Considering religious teachers perform wedding ceremonies before God or whatever people believe to b

    8. heavenly sword says:

      Ok first of all, are marriages not preformed by the church still considered legitimate according to the bible?

      Secondly, assuming that the church created marriage, and that gay marriage is* an abomination to the churches’ dogmas, do you believe that non-religious people should still have to respect Christian culture? (Even through some marriages are preformed legally and not religiously now days?)

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