Will “I Love You” Mean I Love You Really

This article deals with those people famous words spoken by individuals enamored with love. I hope to talk about how those feelings come about when you are in love.
C8S8E8O8D8I8V This article handles those famous words spoken simply by people enamored with love. I really hope to share how those feelings happen when you are in love.

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    1. Salam says:

      What famous words did Abraham Lincoln subsequently utter in 1858 throughout his campaign for that Senate?

    2. che-che says:

      And would you like every ‘famous last words’ produced by someone?

    3. Miguel M says:

      For instance within this context:

      Te arden means “you burn” the “you” comes prior to the sentence.

      Te amo means “I really like you” however the “you” uses the sentence in british

      however in The spanish language both “te” meaning “you” comes before both in sentences. Why?

    4. Sergio says:

      What exactly are some phrases will be able to use rather than “i really like you” or something like that which means exactly the same factor

    5. Spider Pc says:

      Can you be sure if your guy means it as he states ‘i adore youInch?

      i understand a lot of immature men just throw it around with chicks they date for 2 days. will they give you credit in a certain style? will they express it in a certain style?

    6. everydayGuitarist says:

      He was talking to me on the phone and it was around 10:00. o.o We were kind of quiet for awhile so I decided to get off the phone.

      Before a few seconds I got off the phone he said “I love you”. Then my friend asked him if he really meant it but then he said that he says lots of crazy things when he’s sleepy..

      So now I feel like saying it back but then I don’t want him to be shocked..D: What should I do?

      And, would it be weird if I pecked him on the cheek? We’ve only been going out for 2 weeks. o.o I was planning to go to give him a hug, peck him on the cheek, and say I love you. o.o

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